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Our high-end genuine leather phone case with magnetic closure is perfect for wireless charging and provides stylish protection for your phone.
Stunning gradient color phone case with IMD dual-layer chameleon design offering both an enchanting aesthetic and outstanding protection.
Durable iPhone case featuring a double-sided IMD film-coated PC shell with magnetic TPU, offering superior protection and a luxurious feel.
High-quality iPhone case featuring a unique keyboard design, robust dual-layer IMD material, and superior cooling mechanism. Perfect for tech-savvy users seeking exceptional protection and style.
IMD double-layer matte TPU iPhone case featuring a unique astronaut design and button protection, offers style, durability, and comprehensive device safety.
Customizable IMD double-layer matte iPhone case offers button protection, anti-shock, and anti-fingerprint features, blending function, style, and personalization.
IMD dual-sided TPU iPhone case, featuring electroplated finish, magnetic absorption, and anti-fingerprint technology, provides superior protection with a premium look.
Shock-resistant IMD TPU iPhone case with dual-sided film and metallic buttons, offering exceptional protection and a stylish, premium feel.
High-quality TPU iPhone case offers robust protection, stunning silver electroplated finish, magnetic adsorption design. Ideal for stylish, safety-conscious tech enthusiasts.
Sparkling IMD full-coverage TPU iPhone case with magnetic feature, providing a unique blend of style, functionality, and quality for the fashion-forward user.
Shock-resistant iPhone case featuring IMD dual-layer coating and a unique oil painting design, combining superior protection with artistic elegance. Perfect for art enthusiasts.
Ultra-thin, full-coverage iPhone case with dual IMD coating, providing superior protection and a sleek, minimalist aesthetic. A reliable choice for stylish users.
Durable, eco-friendly phone case with dual IMD coating, offering enhanced protection and minimalist style. Ideal for environmentally conscious consumers seeking quality and reliability.
Experience the elegance and functionality of our IMD dual-sided coated TPU electroplated rose gold magnetic adsorption phone case.
Stylish Marble Triple-Function Phone Case with IMD Craftsmanship: Durability, Flawless Design, and Versatility for Fashion-Forward Individuals.
Experience style and protection with our IMD TPU Case featuring a sparkling marble design. This full-wrap, magnetically-adsorbing cover provides robust shielding while adding an aesthetic appeal.
Made from premium IMD double-sided TPU, offering stylish durability and protection against scratches, impacts, and friction, with precise cutouts for easy accessibility.
Made from premium IMD double-sided TPU, offering stylish durability and protection against scratches, impacts, and friction, with precise cutouts for easy accessibility.
Durable and stylish, it adds a touch of sophistication to your wrist.
Featuring a combination of precious gemstones and diamonds, it adds a touch of luxury to your wrist.
Stainless steel strap with a butterfly clasp and one bead is the perfect accessory for your Apple Ultra Watch. Inspired by bamboo, it adds a touch of nature to your wrist.
Perfect for any occasion, it adds a touch of sophistication to your wrist.
A touch of elegance to your Apple Watch with our transparent glacial resin strap. Featuring three beads, it's perfect for any occasion.
Elevate your style with our dazzling four-row diamond strap. Compatible with iWatch series and Samsung Apple Ultra, it adds a touch of glamour to your wrist.
This stylish and convenient watch band is designed for use with Apple Watch Series and features a magnetic closure leather loop design.
This stylish and unique watch band is designed for use with Apple Watch 8 and features a metal bee design with diamond accents.
This stylish and luxurious watch band is designed for use with Apple Watch 8 and features a VO diamond-set design and stainless steel construction.
This luxurious and stylish watch band is designed for use with Apple Watch 8 and features a cross-chain diamond set design and stainless steel construction.
This stylish and durable watch band is designed for use with Apple Watch 8 and features a denim chain design and stainless steel construction.
This stylish and durable leather watch band is designed for use with Apple Watch 8 Series 2 and later models.
Experience ultimate convenience with our Slide-Out Magnetic Clasp Apple Watch Ultra Stainless Steel Band.
Embrace a unique style with our Mosaic Grid Woven Pattern iWatch Band, designed for comfort and aesthetic appeal.
Experience the fusion of style and technology with our laser iridescent, resin plated tri-bead Apple iWatch band.
Elevate your Apple Watch with our sleek, laser-cut, color-block tri-bead strap. Perfect for stylish individuals seeking function and flair.
Elegant seven-bead stainless steel band designed for Apple Watch 4/3/2, featuring a secure butterfly clasp for a sophisticated look.
Upgrade your smartwatch with our versatile and durable braided nylon bands
Enhance your smartwatch with our Mountain Band: Durable, Stylish, and Versatile
Waterproof, magnetic loop silicone band: Universally compatible with Apple Watch series. Durable, comfortable, and perfect for active users.
Radiant Triple Beaded Apple Watch Band: Inlaid diamonds, gold stainless steel. Ideal for professionals; combines style, durability, and quality.
This versatile hair dryer features two speed settings and is perfect for use at home, in dorms, or in hotels.
This hair dryer features powerful wind speeds and ionic technology to help reduce frizz and promote smooth, healthy-looking hair.
Effortless Drying, Professional Results: Wholesale Leafless Ionic Hair Dryer - Power, Speed, and Innovation!
Experience Salon-Quality Results: High-speed Ionic Hair Dryer - Power, Speed, and Nourishment in One!
1. 360° kneading neck shape massage Rapid heating within 2.3 seconds, constant heating temperature of hot compress (42±1℃) 3. 24 massage contacts and 4 large massage nodes 4. The magnetic buckle fixes the massage points 6. Low noise 48db 7. Built-in lithium battery Type-c charging
1. Bionic kneading technique 2.5D massage contacts, the pillowcase is removable and washable 3. Constant temperature hot compress (45°C) 4. Free your hands, one machine with multiple functions, enjoy massage on multiple parts of the body 5. Type C charging, lithium battery life and portability
1. Detachable extension handle 2.5 speed built-in (1800-3200rpm) 3. Stroke 12mm 4. Equipped with 3 massage heads, which can be freely replaced as needed 5. TypeC charging interface with built-in lithium battery 6. Anti blocking torque: 20kg
1. Constant temperature hot compress (38-42 ℃). 2. Equipped with 3 silicone massager heads 3. Brushless motor, with a speed of 1800-2800 (rmp). 4. Built-in lithium battery 2500mAh 5.55dB noise reduction design 6. Stroke: 10mm 7. Anti blocking torque: 8kg
1.180° foldable 2.42℃ constant temperature hot compress 3. Vibration and air pressure massage relieve eye fatigue 4. Built-in meditation music
1. Human-like massage (4 modes). 2. Heating function 3. Adjustable size and detachable waist belt, can be used multiple times on the neck, shoulders, legs and waist 4. Built-in lithium battery
1. Innovative pinching massage technique 2. IPX7 waterproof 3 modes (fast, slow, alternating between fast and slow) 4. Built in your own music 5. Voice reminder
1.180° foldable design, easy to carry 2. Constant temperature hot compress (42±1℃). 3. Air pressure massage relieves eye fatigue 4. Built in your own music 5. Voice reminder
A compact electric SUV, offering ultrafast charging, long-range capabilities, superior performance, and unique customizable features.
Discover AION S, an efficient compact EV offering a powerful 100 kW performance and impressive range up to 480 km, designed for reliability and sustainability-conscious consumers.
Experience AION Y, a compact electric SUV combining robust performance, impressive range, and cutting-edge technology. Ideal for eco-conscious consumers seeking quality, reliability, and style.
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We cooperate with 300+ manufacturers in China, among 30+ OEM/OBM factories producing for Xiaomi, Casetify, Incipio, Speck, Spigen, Incase, Tech21, Mous, Kate Spade, UAG, Mophie, Nomad, Bellroy, Supcase, Hama, Belkin, Jabil, Beats, Harman, etc.
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