What technology can you choose in phone case customization?
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What technology can you choose in phone case customization?

Many people want to customize mobile phone cases, next, let's learn about various processing technology in this article.
1- Painting design
The painting design is the simplest and the lowest cost. The pattern can be printed directly with a printing machine. Nowadays, UV printers are generally used to print patterns.
Painting design features: high flexibility, you can print any pattern you want, fast shipping, relatively low cost, the curved surface of the mobile phone shell can not be printed with patterns, and after a long time, the mobile phone case may experience pattern wear.

2- 3D relief design
3D relief design means that the pattern is convex and concave, and the UV white ink is repeatedly stacked to form a strong hand-feeling concave-convex effect. This process is generally done together with the color painting process, so that the phone case produced in this way is colorful and beautiful.

3- Water stickers design
Water stickers design is a process of using a film to transfer the pattern to the surface of the material. The specific method is to soak the water sticker in water for about 1 minute to separate the film and paper. The film is attached to the surface of the object with the ink layer. The toughness allows the ink layer to be attached to the material of the phone case, and then it is dried to remove the water and then sprayed to increase the feel and gloss.
The water sticker process can wrap the pattern to the arc edge of the phone case. However, the production of water stickers takes a long time and the production cost is high.

4- Spraying design
Spraying design g is the surface spraying treatment. It can be sprayed with metallic paint, so that the plastic phone case has a metallic feel. It can also be sprayed with rubber-feeling lacquer, so that there are skin-quality mobile phones. This year's popular skin-feel mobile phone cases are produced through this process.

5- Electroplating design
Electroplating is the electroplating processing directly on the surface of the mobile phone case, and the processed mobile phone case has a mirror texture. The electroplating process enhances the high-level sense of the mobile phone case, and the minimum order quantity for this process customization is relatively high.

6- Carving design
The carving design is divided into CNC engraving and laser engraving. The former can directly engrave deep pits and make the phone case have a strong concave-convex texture. This type of general application is generally used on thicker phone cases because only enough The thick mobile phone case is deep enough for CNC engraving, while laser engraving will only remove the thin layer of paint or electroplating on the surface.
Many mobile phone cases are produced using electroplating process and laser engraving process together.

7- Leather pasted design
The leather pasted design is to wrap a layer of leather on the base of the phone case. The leather materials used in factories are generally artificial leather.

8- Little things pasted process
In the beginning, many factories put fake diamonds on the phone cases. The phone cases look shiny and very popular. With the development and maturity of the craft, there are now many small accessories.

If you can't distinguish these processes of the phone case, you can directly send the video or picture to your supplier. At Duoyinfo, we can help you customize your phone case, and we also have OEM service. Improve product competitiveness, starting from custom mobile phone cases. 
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