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Frequently Asked Questions
#1 Who we are?

We are a technology company and also an exporter with factory, office and warehouse in Guangzhou, China. (Near Hongkong). Factories are located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Now all our products are mainly for wholesale with MOQ order 50 pcs.

#2 How to work with us?

The first step: we need to confirm an order.
We will send you product catalogues by mail or WhatsApp
After you checked our offers, we need your information(name of products or photos, model, colors, quantities of each color)to make proforma invoice to confirm the order.
Proforma invoice is a document for you to see all the information of total order value, order details, the cost of shipping, payment information, etc.
We recommend that you use Excel on your computer to organize the order if you need many products.
The second step:
Arrange the payment and start the production.
You can pay 30% of total value to start production if you do not have enough money. And the other 70% will need to be balanced when the products are ready.
We accept these forms of payment: Western Union, Money Gram, bank transfer (T / T).
For the products in stock, we only need 3-5 days for preparation. For not in stock products, we might need 10-20 days, depending on different products.
The Final: We will send the products to you.
Please send us the details of your address, your name, phone number and comapny tax identification number to prepare the shipment.
We can ship by Express(DHL / UPS / Fedex), by Plane, by Sea (boat).
• By DHL / UPS / Fedex: From China directly to your office/warehouse/home. Normal Time: DHL 5-7 days. UPS 7-10 days, and Fedex 5-8 days.
• By Plane: if by plane, the at least weight of products is 100 KG. The cost is less than DHL / UPS / Fedex, but the merchandise will only be sent to the airport, time 5-7 days. Customers need to clear the customs and take out the products at airports.
• By Sea: if by Sea, the at least weight of products is 250 KG (or more than 1CBM). The shipping cost is very cheap. But The merchandise will only be sent to the seaport, time is about 30-40 days. You need to clear the customs and take the products in sea port.  

  #4 Can I pay by Paypal? 

Normally we don’t accept paypal, because it is not for official wholesale trading business.
Considering some clients might not trust us enough for the first time cooperation, we can offer the payment method the paypal, but there are few tips that you need to agree:

  1. Paypal is only for the first order. After that, we need to use western union or bank.

  2. The first order total value including the shipping cost is less than $500 USD;

  3. All products can not have famous brand words/logo, such as Samsung, Apple, LV, Hello Kitty,

  4. The shipping address needs to be exactly the same with the address from the payment information;

  5. Customers need to pay another 5% value of the invoice as transfer fee. (In China, we need to convert the paypal dollars to RMB currency, the cost is 5% of the total value)

  6. We will be responsible for clearance of Chinese customs. If the product lost inside China, we will send them again. But if the goods are lost outside China, we will not responsible for the lost, any refund from paypal is not allowed.

# 5 How can I trust that you will send us the goods after I paid?

We are an official company registered in government and exporter in Guangzhou, China, with more than 3 years experience in your market.
We have the below methods for you to gain more trust for us:

  1. Have a video talking with us, and we can show you we are a real company.

  2. Call to one of my old customers that worked for more than 3 years: ……. He will tell you how we are.

  3. You can pay 30% of the total money first, then the goods are ready, we can send you the pictures and videos to prove we have made the goods for you, and then you do the balanced payment.

  4. For the first order, you can to a small qty to test our services, let us say, 300-1000 USD products.

#6 How can you make sure that I can succesfully receive my goods? 

We have many years of experience trading with clients, and we are sure that:

  1. if send by DHL/Fedex/UPS, it is door to door services. Before shipping we will send you packing list and customs invoice for you. You only need to pay some tax, DHL will send the goods to your final destination;

  2. If you don’t have import license, please invite an importer to help you.

  3. You can consult your agent to know how to make customs clearance.

 #7 How much are the shipping Cost?

In general, we can not quote the correct shipping cost until we confirm the orders.
The more products we bought, the cheaper shipping cost on average it will be, but still it depends on many factors:
If the products have battery inside, the shipping cost will be more expensive
If the products have famous brand, the shipping cost is more expensive
If the products total weight bigger than 23KG, the shipping cost is more economical.
#8 Are you a trading Company or Factory? 

We are a technology company and also an exporter with office and warehouse in Guangzhou, China. Factories are located in Guangzhou and Shenzhen.
We participated in research, design and develop products, all the prices are factories prices.
In the meanwhile, we are closely working with more than 100 factories for phone accessories and hardware, such as screen protector, phone cases, data cable, smart watches, and more. It makes us able to help you more, saving your total cost and time.
#9 Why your Products are so expensive? 

We are receiving orders from many markets every week. Please let me know why you think so?
Did you buy this exact product before? If yes, please send me your product pictures and videos for me to confirm, or send me your other supplier website for me to check. I will find out the reason.
According to your experience, the prices are determined by many factors.

 #10 I want to know, what you can offer?

Our factories can produce Phone Cases, Tempered Glass, Bluetooth earpods, Bluetooth earphones and bluetooth speakers, meanwhile, we also have  data cable, and power banks, etc. You can also visit www.duoyinfo.com to know more.

#11 If the goods are broken during the shipping, what will you do?

Friend, our trading terms are EXW/FOB. After products go out of China/products are on board, but they are broken during shipping, please note we will not have responsibility for them.
But please you don’t need to worry about it. We will use good enough package and cartons to protect our goods. We send goods to clients each week, and almost no broken issues occurred.
#12 Can I customized my own brand/logo?

Yes, normally we can help you. Please consult with us.

#13 What about your product's quality? 
All our products are able to pass the test of CE/MSDS/ISO ISO9001/REACH/ROHS.
We use good material imported from Japan and Germany, Our machines are advanced, and our workers are very trained and skilled. We can send you something to check.

#14 Do you have a warranty?
All our products can enjoy 12 months warranty.
If any products have quality problem, please make sure you can keep the proof, send me the pictures, videos for us to confirm the problem, we will give compensation solution within 3 days after confirming it.

Some of our solutions of compensation:

  1. Resend them directly if quantity is big (Shipping cost we will share 50% );

  2. Resend them with future orders if qty is small;

  3. Compensate with money;

  4. Compensate with other goods;

  5. Give discounts in future orders.


#15 How much tax and duty do I need to pay?

For how much tax you need to pay, it depends on the following issues:
1-The products styles.
2-The invoice value we make
3-The rate of tax in your customs
You can consult DHL office and customs agent in your city to know more. 

#16 Why you don't like paypal payment? 

We really want to use paypal to do business with customers, and we used a lot before. But now all Chinese suppliers have big trouble with paypal.

  1. The government has banned the channel to transfer Paypal dollars to RMB since 2018.

  2. We have frozen 2 amounts because some Fraud man dealed with us, and said we Infringed intellectual property rights, then paypal closed our account immediately, more than 30000 USD could not taken out. We lost too much money.

  3. Now still it is very difficult to use the paypal money to convert it to RMB. Too long time and very complex procedures.

#17: Why you need 5% paypal fee?

There are two reasons:
When you sent money to us, paypal will charge us near 5% of total value
When we convert the paypal dollars to RMB, we have to pay another 35 dollares, and again need to pay 2% of total value.
#18 I want to know, if I import from you, China directly, will I have better prices than from local wholesalers?

​You are right, importing from China surely will let you have much more competitive prices, because the products that you are selling are also from China.
If you can import directly, you don’t need to pay to importers and wholesalers, so that you can earn more.

#19 Do you have alibaba, and Can i pay on alibaba.com?
​​​All customers are satisfied of working with us. We have famous customers such as movistar, T-mobile and hama.  Now we don’t have Alibaba, because it is not the best choice for our customers, it is complicated and slow for doing exportation. Alibaba is not the only way to do international business. For the past five years, all our customers do payment by bank transfer, Western Union, Money Gram, Payoneer and Paypal(for sample orders). 
#20 Why you don't have Alibaba/Globle Resources/DHgate Platform?

First, to trade on Alibaba, it does not mean that the quality are good enough and your money is safe, because ANYONE can register and open a store on alibaba, only costs about $4500 usd/year.
Actually, we had them before, but we canceled them 2 years ago. Alibaba changes the policy each month, and many products specifications and marketing are limited. We can not use words such as iPhone and Samsung as marketing tools, too much trouble.
We are a legitimate Chinese registered company. We have been producing and trading for 3 years and have been working with many large wholesalers and retailers for a long time. Currently each month we ship 5x40GP, 10x20GP and many Air shipments, also by DHL/FEDEX/UPS to all over the world.
We support the 30% deposit to start the production of goods. After the goods are produced, we will take videos and pictures as evidence. You canpay the balanced payment, and we will ship them to you.

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