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About Us
About Us
Duoyinfo was founded in 2017 as a one-person company, from beginning we helped clients find and source accessories and electronics across big China, and since then our team have grown up rapidly and we’ve sent over US$ 3 Millions products worldwide.

While Duoyinfo is not just a company that sells products to people, but it is also a "college" that helps our clients achieve success by knowledge, creative design and innovation.
This idea is from the company's founder, Mr. Lincoln.
April 2, 2016, on the eve of Ching Ming Festival. Lincoln and his brother took the Bus from the metropolis of Guangzhou back to the old town to sweep the tomb for the ancestors. At about 5 am the next day, there was still light rain, and the car arrived at the center of the town. They needed to take a motorcycle to go back to the rural home. Unfortunately, less than half an hour later, the motorcycle and the illegally driving Van crashed. The driver, Lincoln and his brother were thrown out of the motorcycle.
The motorcycle driver died on the spot, Lincoln's left knee was broken, and his brother broke the two bones of his left, and the illegal van driver was imprisoned.
At the moment of the accident, Lincoln tried to calm himself down, hold his breath and save his life. After the accident, people living nearby immediately rushed to help, someone immediately called the emergency ambulance, someone held Lincoln an umbrella, and someone gave Lincoln warm water to keep him calm. Their enthusiasm brought the hope of life to Lincoln and his brother.
During staying in the hospital, Lincoln was thinking about the meaning of life and what he was living for.
He always said, the greatest meaning of life is the "live" itself, and that people need to live to have the opportunity to see hope. In the process of striving, it is not only for ourselves, but also for making the people around us happier and make the society “warmer”.
With the help of family and friends, Lincoln has returned work after a long period of treatment and rehabilitation. However, he never gave up his hopes for life and his enthusiasm for contributing to society. In January 2017, he founded Guangzhou duoyinfo consulting Co., Ltd, which helps foreign traders find information, and empower Chinese suppliers to do business with the world.
At the same time, Lincoln also contacted a large number of clientes from the Americas. He helped these buyers find Chinese suppliers and purchased a wide range of products from speakers, car driving recorders to beauty instruments.
From the initial orders of a few hundred dollars, to the current hundreds of thousands of dollars in exports per month, Duoyinfo's business has grown out of expectation and the team has expanded rapidly.
But Lincoln, who was once on the verge of death, knows very well that the meaning of life is not always making money. People should engage in a career that helps people succeed and promote social progress. This is the ultimate destination.

In the past 2 year, Duoyinfo has helped dozens of clientes start their business, build their brands, grow the sales, and expand the markets locally and internationally.
This is Duoyinfo. We not only sell cold products to people, but also empower small to medium companies, helping them expand their horizons, increase their knowledge, understand industry trends, and learn how to do business and operations.  
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